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Car Key Replacement

Get Your Car Keys and Fobs Professionally Cut and Programmed

Getting a car key replacement can be like ordering from a detailed restaurant menu. There are so many choices, options, and details to consider just to order a simple key. That’s because keys are edge-cut, side-cut, chipped, intelligent, smart, and more. Each brand and model has its own security strategy. Then there are remote head keys, key fobs, and other technologies. Our highly-trained and experienced Las Vegas car key replacement locksmith knows them all and arrives with equipment, parts, and technological information to take good care of you.

we programmed a new key fob for a Cadillac

A local client lost the last fob for their Cadillac and was stuck in a parking lot. They called us, and we came out and programmed a new one on-site for much less than the dealership would have charged them.

As a top mobile locksmith service serving Las Vegas, South Summerlin, Enterprise, Paradise, Henderson, and surrounding areas, make sure to keep our number handy when you go out. If your keys are lost, damaged, or malfunctioning, you’ll be able to take action right away to get them replaced. If you’re one of many people who sometimes lock your keys inside your home or car, or misplace them, we also make car key replacement copies and program fobs so you’ll always have a spare!

Instead Of Finding A Car Dealer, Let Us Find You

Getting a car key replacement or extra copies, along with key fobs, at a dealer can be costly and inconvenient. Our mobile locksmith comes to you, prepared to get to work for lost key replacement, duplicates, or extras for multiple drivers. Our car key replacement cost is reasonable and hassle-free!

Domestic or foreign, we have the technology to make a huge range of keys, fobs, and remotes. Get Lexus and Infiniti key replacements, Jaguar car keys, and backups for Ford, GM, Chevrolet, and Cadillac. You can also count on us for European car keys like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, and Land Rover. Get Japanese keys for Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, and luxury brands. Korean cars we make keys for include Hyundai and Kia. Of course, if your garage has multiple vehicles, you don’t have to make multiple trips to dealers. Just give us a call and get car key replacements for all of them, even your kids’ cars or classic vehicles. Programming keys, remotes, and fobs are all part of our service.

Diverse Car Key and Remote Technologies, All Serviced By Our Las Vegas Automotive Locksmith

Sometimes, all it takes is a key fob battery replacement. Other times, a replacement is needed, along with key fob programming to work with your vehicle. The same with remotes and remote head keys, and the keys themselves. Smart keys, transponder keys, intelligent keys, and prox keys are all in our auto locksmith’s repertoire. Whether your keys are missing, damaged, or simply no longer work, we have the means to get you on the road again, fully equipped with keys and fobs or remotes. At home, at work, or anywhere in the Las Vegas metro area, we’ll come to you and do it right.

Contact Us For Las Vegas Lost Car Key Replacement And Lockouts

If you’re locked out of your car, our automotive locksmith in Las Vegas can get back inside, but sometimes the key isn’t actually there. We make backup keys to help avoid that and lost key replacements so you don’t have to worry about having the car towed to the dealership. At Fixed Rate Locksmith, we provide 30-day part and 60-day labor guarantees, and discounts including 15% off for active military, veterans, and seniors, and buy one get one 10% off for car keys. Our emergency mobile locksmith service makes your life simpler, easier, and safer!

Las Vegas Car Key Replacement FAQs

How long does it take Fixed Rate Locksmith to replace a car key?

For standard metal keys, Fixed Rate Locksmith can typically complete the replacement within about 5 minutes, as we just need to duplicate or cut the key by code. However, for specialized keys like transponder keys, the process may take between 10-15 minutes due to the programming requirements.

Can Fixed Rate Locksmith replace keys for all car makes and models?

Fixed Rate Locksmith can replace keys for approximately 85-90% of vehicles. However, some upscale or unique models, especially certain German brands, might have specialized key systems that could pose a challenge.

I have a keyless entry system. Can Fixed Rate Locksmith in Las Vegas replace it?

Absolutely. Fixed Rate Locksmith is equipped with the necessary expertise and car computer programming tools to replace or reprogram key fobs and smart keys for vehicles with keyless entry systems.

Is it more cost-effective to get a key replacement from Fixed Rate Locksmith or from the dealership?

Yes, opting for Fixed Rate Locksmith typically results in more savings. Our rates for key replacement services are approximately 50%-70% lower than those of dealerships.

My key snapped in the ignition. Can Fixed Rate Locksmith in Las Vegas help?

Definitely, the technicians at Fixed Rate Locksmith can carefully extract the broken key piece from your ignition and subsequently provide you with a new replacement key.

Do I need to show proof of car ownership for a key replacement at Fixed Rate Locksmith in Las Vegas?

Yes, it’s a standard practice. To access key codes, Fixed Rate Locksmith will usually ask clients to complete a D1 form for proper authorization. This procedure helps us ensure that we are not inadvertently aiding potential auto thefts.

Can my new key from Fixed Rate Locksmith in Las Vegas also incorporate extra features like remote start or trunk access?

Certainly. If your original key fob or remote had these functions, Fixed Rate Locksmith can provide an exact duplicate. If your original key lacked these features, it’s possible your car is compatible with them. We advise discussing this with our locksmith or consulting your dealership and offering them your VIN for further research.

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