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Ignition Repair

We’re Your Mobile Solution for Ignition Repair and Replacement

Sometimes it’s a broken key in your ignition, other times a theft attempt that left the ignition lock damaged. Whatever’s keeping you from turning the key and driving off, let our Fixed Rate Locksmith mobile emergency locksmith service take care of it. Ignition repairs are part of our local, professional, well-trained locksmith’s many skills. We offer warranties on locksmith services and quality parts. When you just want to get going, you need the right Las Vegas car locksmith to make it happen. If your key won’t turn in the ignition, you need something to do about it. You call us. We serve the Las Vegas area including South Summerlin, Enterprise, Paradise, Henderson, and surrounding areas. Our emergency locksmith comes to you, so you don’t need to worry about tow trucks, dealer waits and pricing, and major drama for a minor car, truck, or SUV problem.

There Are Many Ways Your Ignition Lock Can Leave You Stranded

locksmith repairing an automotive ignition

If you’ve broken your key off in it, it’s hard to turn, or it won’t turn at all, our locksmiths can repair your ignition and get you back on the road.

Whether you have a broken key, a sticky ignition lock, the key won’t turn, or a theft attempt caused damage, they all leave you stranded. Let’s start with the best way to get a car ignition repaired in Las Vegas when you need to get going. Instead of moving the car via tow truck, scheduling a dealership appointment, and paying dealer prices, there’s a better way. Our emergency mobile locksmith comes to you, prepared with equipment and parts to perform many locksmith services on the spot. A broken key in the ignition can be extracted, and a replacement key made and programmed on the spot. Even if you broke your last key, you’re not out of luck. If the key won’t turn in the ignition, our locksmith’s advanced knowledge of ignition switch repair will help. They can remedy many mechanism problems, and provide a new lock or switch assembly if needed. Car ignition repair varies from vehicle to vehicle and can require careful disassembly of nearby components. Our locksmith’s training and extensive experience are important to get it done right.

We Understand Your Car’s Lock Systems & Ignition Cylinders

Our car locksmith is a specialist in your car’s locking system, old or new. When we get a call for an older or classic car, its steering wheel interlocks, key issues, wiring problems, and loose components from years of use. Recent models have a lot more going on, including interfacing with the vehicle’s computer. Our locksmith services include communication issues with transponder keys, prox keys, and other types. Remotes are part of our capabilities as well. Diagnosing the real issue takes experience, training, and skill. When the problem requires an ignition switch repair, we’ll either make a targeted fix or replace the assembly. Our goal is to make sure the results are secure, reliable, and long-lasting, so you can relax and turn the key without worry, no matter where you are.

One Number To Call For Car Locksmith Services in Las Vegas

At Fixed Rate Locksmith, we’re here for you if you need car locksmith services throughout the Las Vegas metro region and the surrounding area. We can fix your broken ignition lock and switch, rekey it, program keys, and vehicle lock and key systems. Our emergency mobile locksmith service offers 15% discounts for active military, veterans, and seniors. Give us a call, or contact us today, and we’ll take care of you.

Las Vegas Ignition Repair FAQs

How do I know when my car's ignition needs to repaired or replaced?

There are various signs hinting at the need for an ignition replacement:

  • Struggling to turn the key inside the ignition.
  • Difficulty inserting the key into the ignition.
  • The ability to remove the key while the car is operational.
  • Consistent flickering of dashboard lights.
  • Needing to adjust the key to initiate the vehicle.

Can Fixed Rate Locksmith repair or replace my ignition at my house or in my office parking lot?

Fixed Rate Locksmith is a 100% mobile locksmith service which means we always come to you! Our work vans are mobile locksmith shops that contain all the tools, equipment, hardware, and parts we need to complete the job on-site at your home, office, or any other safe spot where your vehicle is parked.

Which vehicle ignitions can Fixed Rate Locksmith in Las Vegas replace?

The experts at Fixed Rate Locksmith typically handle ignition replacements for both domestic and international car brands. When you contact us, please provide your vehicle’s make, model, and production year. If by chance we can’t service your car, we’ll certainly inform you.

Will the ignition replacement by Fixed Rate Locksmith influence my car's performance?

Not at all. An ignition replacement should only enhance your vehicle’s performance and ensure smoother operations. However, if you encounter any irregularities post the ignition replacement, please reach out to our locksmith team immediately.

After Fixed Rate Locksmith replaces the ignition, will my original car key still function?

Upon replacing the ignition, a new key will typically be necessary unless you specifically request Fixed Rate Locksmith to rekey the fresh ignition to align with your existing key.

How much time does Fixed Rate Locksmith require to replace an ignition?

The duration is contingent on the ignition’s intricacy and the car type. Generally speaking, it ranges from 30 to 60 minutes.

Is there a guarantee provided by Fixed Rate Locksmith for the ignition replacement?

Yes, when we supply the components, Fixed Rate Locksmith in Las Vegas offers warranties on both parts and labor concerning ignition replacements. We strongly suggest inquiring about the warranty specifics and its duration during service scheduling.

What's the pricing for an ignition replacement by Fixed Rate Locksmith?

The ignition replacement cost fluctuates based on the ignition’s current state, the vehicle’s make and model, and the ignition system’s complexity. Once you give us a call, we’ll happily provide a preliminary quote over the phone.

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