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How to Get Back Into Your Las Vegas House When Locked Out

by | Nov 6, 2023 | Locksmith Services, Residential Locksmith Services

​We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when you go to unlock your front door and realize your keys are nowhere to be found. You’re locked out of your own home with no easy way to get back inside. Don’t panic! There are several things you can try to quickly regain entry into your house if you find yourself accidentally locked out.

Try Alternate Doors or Windows

First, check if you may have left any other doors or windows unlocked after you left the house. Sometimes back doors or garage side doors get forgotten about and you can sneak back inside that way. You can also try windows on the ground floor—you’d be surprised how often a window gets left unlocked accidentally. Just give doors and windows a gentle push or lift to see if one gives way for you to get back into your home.

Call on Neighbors, Friends or Family for a Spare

If you come up empty on finding an unlocked door or window, call on neighbors or friends who may have a spare key you gave them in case of emergency. A neighbor with a spare key who is home can be a lifesaver to let you back inside your house to grab your keys, wallet and phone. Also, call close family members who may be able to lend their key to you.

Having a few trusted individuals nearby with spare keys comes in extremely handy in situations when you need immediate help getting back inside your locked home.

Use Hidden Spare Keys

Another smart idea is to have a spare key hidden outside your home. Great hiding spots include under a flower pot, inside a mailbox, or under a doormat. Just be sure your spare is somewhere discreet and weatherproof. Having a secret backup key can make a lockout experience less stressful, allowing you to sneak back inside your home with ease.

Just remember to retrieve that spare key and keep it in a secure location once you’re inside.

Call a Locksmith in Las Vegas for Help

For expert assistance, call the qualified locksmiths at Fixed Rate Locksmith. Our trained professionals have years of experience helping people who are locked out of their homes by safely opening locks and doors without causing any damage. We have all the proper tools and knowledge to provide you with a quick solution in your time of need. Our locksmiths service the entire Las Vegas metro area, including Paradise, Summerlin, Henderson and surrounding areas. We arrive promptly in our clearly marked vans ready to help you get back inside your home as quickly as possible.

Prepare for Next Time With Help From Fixed Rate Locksmith

Once you’re safely back inside after a lockout situation, take measures to prepare for the next time this occurs. Get spare keys made for friends and family so you have backups handy. Our professional locksmiths can create durable spare keys for your home that will work perfectly. Also, have a hidden spare key made to stash outside just in case. Being prepared with extra keys will give you peace of mind if you ever find yourself pleading, “I’m locked out of my house!” again.

Rekey For Better Security

For full home security, consider rekeying your locks whenever you move into a new place or after a set of keys goes missing. Our expert Las Vegas locksmiths can easily rekey your locks so previous keys will no longer work. Rekeying prevents unauthorized entry by anyone who has old keys. Fixed Rate Locksmith offers professional rekey services throughout the Las Vegas area. Call us to find out just how quick and affordable it is to rekey your home for better security and peace of mind.

Don’t let a lockout ruin your day; contact the experts at Fixed Rate Locksmith anytime you need fast, friendly service to get back inside your home or business. We operate 24/7 to help you out of a bind!

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