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Master Key Systems Provide Security and Convenience for Your Commercial Property

by | Nov 14, 2023 | Commercial Locksmith Services, Locksmith Services

Managing a huge number of keys quickly becomes burdensome for commercial properties like schools, apartment complexes, and office buildings that have a wide variety of personnel with different levels of access/security clearance. This is where implementing a master key system provides improved convenience and security. The commercial locksmiths at Fixed Rate Locksmith can design and implement custom master key system solutions for all types of commercial properties throughout Las Vegas.

What is a Master Key System?

A master key system is a specialized keying arrangement that enables tiered access levels within a building or property. One grand master key exists that can open every lock cylinder. Then there are different levels of sub-master keys that open designated groups of locks. Individual keys open specific locks only. This eliminates the need for managers to carry a jam-packed keyring containing a separate key for every door. It also facilitates convenient access according to users’ roles.

Benefits of Installing a Master Key System

Keyring with too many keys

Are you or your facility manager burdened with too many keys? A master key system will greatly decrease the number of keys necessary to manage your property.

  • Convenience – Simplifies access for managers, maintenance staff, etc. with fewer keys needed. No more jangling keyrings!
  • Custom Access – Set up different access levels based on roles. Easily restrict areas from unauthorized entry.
  • Flexibility – Rekeying and changes are much easier compared to traditional keyed locks.
  • Accountability – Monitor and track access since key duplication can be restricted.

Different Levels of a Master Key System

Here are the different levels of access in a typical master key system:

  • Grand Master – This key can open every lock in the entire master key system. It provides the highest level of access possible. Typically, only the property owner, property manager, and security staff have this all-access key.
  • Master – A master key can open multiple locks within a designated group or section of the property. For example, a master key could open all the locks on the 2nd floor of an office building. Or in a school, it may open all exterior doors. The access is limited compared to a grand master key.
  • Sub-master – This key has even more limited capabilities, typically opening locks within a subset of a larger group. For instance, a sub-master key may only be able to open and access the east wing locks of the 2nd floor in a building.
  • User – A user key typically opens one lock only. For example, a tenant in an apartment complex will get a user key that only opens their front door, and an office employee will get a user key that only opens their office door. But depending on what the facility needs, a user key can also open two locks that have been keyed the same, as in the case of a school teacher who uses it for her classroom door and the storage closet inside their classroom.

Proper planning is needed to designate which locks each master key can access based on security needs and convenience. The more master keys there are, the less secure the system. But with too few, accessing the property becomes frustrating. The professional locksmiths at Fixed Rate Locksmith can help you determine the right balance of access levels for your specific needs.

Where Master Key Systems are Typically Used

Master Key system in an apartment building

Master Key Systems make life much easier for apartment complex owners, property managers, and maintenance staff.

Master key systems are commonly utilized in:

  • Commercial office spaces and warehouses
  • Schools and universities
  • Hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities
  • Multi-unit apartment and condo buildings
  • Retail complexes like shopping malls
  • Hotels, casinos, and hospitality businesses

Proper Installation is Crucial

The experts at Fixed Rate Locksmith possess the advanced training and experience required to properly install new master key systems or seamlessly integrate master key capabilities into your existing locks. Precise planning and installation are vital for smooth system operation. We also offer restricted keyways for top-tier security, since these keys can only be reproduced through Fixed Rate Locksmith. For added convenience, we provide interchangeable lock cores that enable lock rekeying without replacing entire locks.

Routine Maintenance Keeps Systems Working Properly

An adequately maintained master key system will provide your property with many years of reliable access control and security. Fixed Rate Locksmith provides maintenance services to keep your system working perfectly. This includes addressing worn components, lubricating locks, fixing key issues, and periodically adjusting master key configurations. Regular maintenance greatly extends your investment’s longevity.

Secure Control for Las Vegas Properties

For sophisticated control of access across multiple entry points, Fixed Rate Locksmith offers expert master key system solutions throughout Las Vegas. Contact us for a free quote on installing a new system or upgrading your current locks to be master key capable. As a full-service locksmith, we also provide rekeying, lock repair, and new lock installation as well as residential, automotive, and safe locksmith services. With Fixed Rate Locksmith, gain maximum convenience with multilayered security.

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