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Options for Rekeying Your Home Locks

by | Nov 10, 2023 | Locksmith Services, Residential Locksmith Services

Over time, doors and locks endure plenty of wear and tear. Maybe you’ve noticed your locks becoming stiff and tricky to turn your key in. Or perhaps you had a break-in attempt that left damage behind. In situations like these, many Las Vegas homeowners consider rekeying their home locks for added security and peace of mind. But what exactly is rekeying, and what are your options for this service? Let’s look at the basics of rekeying and how a professional commercial or residential locksmith in Las Vegas can help.

What is Rekeying?

Rekeying a lock means reconfiguring its internal components so a new key can open the lock. For the key to turn the lock mechanism, the key pins inside the lock cylinder must be in the proper position. When you get a lock rekeyed, a locksmith replaces those pins, so an old key will no longer work in it. Now, only a newly cut key with the updated key pins will open the lock. It’s an efficient and affordable way to ensure that only authorized keys provide access.

Why Rekey Your Home Locks?

Some of the most common reasons homeowners have their locks rekeyed include:

  • Enhanced security after keys are lost, stolen or duplicated
  • Peace of mind when moving into a new home
  • The convenience of only having one key that operates all locks
  • Deter burglars who may have copied distributed keys
  • Smooth operation of worn or damaged lock cylinders

By rekeying your home locks, you regain control over who can enter your property with ease. It also refreshes old, worn-out lock mechanisms to function like new.

Your Rekeying Options

When rekeying your home locks, you have choices:

  • Full rekey: All exterior door locks are rekeyed to work with your new key. This ensures complete perimeter security.
  • Partial rekey: Only some locks around the home are rekeyed, while the rest work on their existing keys. This can save money while focusing on problem areas.
  • Master key system: Special access levels are created so one master key works on all locks, while individual keys only open certain locks. This is useful for property managers and is one of our commercial locksmith services in Las Vegas.

Professional Las Vegas Rekeying Services

For reliable Las Vegas rekeying services, homeowners in the Las Vegas area turn to the experts at Fixed Rate Locksmith. Our professional locksmith technicians possess extensive training and experience performing complete rekeying jobs, both large and small. We provide prompt arrival times, competitive pricing with no hidden fees, and always treat your home with care and respect during service calls. You can trust our experienced locksmiths to complete your rekey project efficiently.

Additional Security Options For Las Vegas Homeowners

Beyond rekeying locks, we also offer new lock installation and upgrades to high-security locks from top brands like Mul-T-Lock. Enhancing home security with digital smart locks is another great option we provide, allowing keyless entry convenience and remote access control from your phone. Our team can recommend the ideal locks and hardware to safeguard your property.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Instead of waiting until a problematic event occurs, be proactive about your home’s security. Rekeying provides affordable peace of mind to reinforce the safety of your locks. For professional lock rekeying services and upgrades in the Las Vegas metro region, contact Fixed Rate Locksmith today. We’re ready to help secure your property and put your mind at ease. Give us a call for a quote on rekeying your home locks.

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